Business analysis first of all


In order to develop appropriate and functional solutions that can satisfy company’s needs, it is fundamental to start with an accurate and detailed analysis of those needs. This analysis allows the company to have a more complete and realistic knowledge of economic investments, timing and instruments useful for the process of efficiency improvement.

UX Business uses the best methodologies and knowledge gained over the years because clients’ success and satisfaction is the company’s mission.


Changes in business processes and development of personalized software


Understanding problems to resolve, goals and expectation about our intervention, is fundamental. Later, in agreement with company’s managers, we decide upon the solutions to develop based on specific requirements and needs.

This is the most important step because we identify which changes to make and which software solutions to develop or to expand.

If we need to make significant changes to the business processes, we will develop appropriate and personalized changes for the existing software in a completely new way, but 100% satisfying.