Business management, intelligent sales e customer service, in only one solution.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a useful solution that allows your company to grow in a more efficient, productive way. It helps to identify potential issues before they turn into real problems for management, manufacturing and sales activities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combining Dynamics CRM functionalities represents the future of intelligent business apps. It also enables the company to improve relations with customers.

In order to obtain your company digital transformation, you need a new kind of business application. A solution that combines CRM and ERP, enhanced by intelligent data and functionalities, and that gives you the opportunity to seize new business opportunities.

Dynamics 365 business applications have modular ecosystems composed of apps and artificial intelligence, with interconnected and common data.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to achieve your sales goals, to improve marketing activities and services offered to customers, leans on technological trends such as:

  • Cloud computing
  • Mobility
  • social networking
  • big data management
  • social collaboration


Created to redefine interaction between companies and customers, Microsoft CRM solutions focus on people.


Dynamics 365 enables the company to access to its data on a wide range of devices. Thanks to a navigation system streamlined for touch devices, it offers an innovative user experience that provides relevant information in order to have a complete knowledge of customers and their needs.

Manage relationships with customers with Dynamics 365 CRM

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM apps your employees can access to a modern and functional CRM solution inside the Cloud Microsoft for customer’s information, while maintaining Outlook familiar use experience.

At the same time, Dynamics 365 CRM embeds and connects marketing apps, sales and customer service, and it guarantees coherent processes and clear data analysis.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 _ a new Customer company

From Product Company to Customer Company

For your company, the acquisition of a CRM will not be only the adoption of a modern technology but a real change of concept. Your main goal will not be the product anymore but instead it will be your customers’ service and satisfaction. From Product Company to Customer Company.



CRM solutions bring digital intelligence to every business activity increasing the opportunities for profit. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is not just a sales management software. It combines digital intelligence features to predict customers’ needs.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales works?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales extracts relevant information from a big amount of complex data to obtain detailed data in output, easy to comprehend and that can be used immediately.

Identifying purchase-oriented customers, you will be able to:

  • improve sales based on Office 365 and Dynamics 365 information about the integrity of the relation and the risks
  • gain customers’ trust and increase opportunities giving advice for products
  • involve customers in an effective and customized way thanks to intelligence data
  • comprehend customers’ behaviour , trends and their purchase potential
  • obtain accurate information from email interaction with customers, identifying receptive contacts
  • create quality leads using CRM and social media in order to find purchase signals
  • obtain information on accounts and opportunities through emails, calendar, and Dynamics 365 data
  • cooperate and share with your employees conversations, events, notes and contents related to sales

Dynamics 365 for sales for perfect customer management


Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales you will be able to increase productivity, obtain more detailed information and reduce costs. You will manage to automate sales process through an intuitive interface and functionalities incorporated in Microsoft Office.

  • Work wherever and however you want, manage customers and negotiations with familiar tools
  • Work while travelling, everywhere and in every moment, thanks to apps for mobile devices that give you concurrent news, social media data and stream of activities
  • Close sales quickly, thanks to automated processes and a guided sales process



Dynamics 365 for Sales improves your sales performances thanks to analysis based on historical data and predictive information


  • Obtain answers using contextual dashboard , graphs and Power BU Q&A in order to run query in natural language
  • Define your objectives, control results and give feedback and training in real-time


CRM solution that gives the company the opportunity to acquire long-term customers, thanks to customized experiences and a quality service in all channels.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service improves your customer service thanks to end-to-end assistance in every channel. It increases customers’ loyalty and guarantees maximum support for your employees.


Omni-channel engagement

Personalized service for your customers through their favourite devices and channels, including social media.

  • Unified platform with consistency and visibility guaranteed in every channel
  • Analysed and complete knowledge about customers
  • Personalized interactions based on past behaviour


Self-service e community

Access in complete autonomy to a community of colleagues and experts.

  • Access to customer service
  • Assistance in real time, streamlined for any device and mobile operating system


Agent enablement

Availability of tools, directions and data for fast solutions. Efficient and personalized support for every customer

  • Visual interface with personalized experience based on the role
  • Quick management and different levels of support
  • Faster solutions thanks to Machine Learning e Advanced Analytic


Unified knowledge

Valid answers thought channels and a Knowledge Base for research. Personalized contents on the portal for customers.

  • Right answers at the right time on more than one channel
  • Content from social media, service interactions and experts
  • Learn how to use Knowledge Base thanks to extensive analysis


Digital intelligence

The guarantee of a predictive customer service thanks to data analysis embedded in CRM. Identify trends, anticipate opportunities and obtain information.

  • Metric visualizations in real time through user-adjustable dashboards.
  • Automatic detection of evaluations and intentions on social post
  • Quick problems solution using Machine Learning



A CRM solution useful for controlling customer service calls thanks to intelligent and advanced features. From streamlined planning to predictive maintenance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is the best solution to increase customers’ satisfaction through planning features, native support for mobile devices and monitoring of remote resources.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service enables the company to streamline field assistance with flexible planning options in order to manage stream of work of customer service managers.

  • Identify and organize assistance resources available for each category
  • Combine technical skills and work requirements
  • Extract elements like position, availability, stocks, regulatory requirements, customers’ preferences and service contract


Contracts management

Simplify management and maintenance of service contracts’ compliance, and of specifications of product installed among customers and branches. Thanks to a better visibility of contract information, you will be able to manage invoicing in a faster and more accurate way.



Inventory management

Management and control of inventor update, history of registration of stocks distributed in different areas. Guarantee of an update in real time of inventory conditions and constant monitoring of stocks.

  • Managing inventory information in any part of the transaction, such as return authorization, storage adjustments and stocks transfer
  • Monitoring available stocks in mobile or fixed location in order to reduce waste
  • Effective prediction of requested materials



Productivity in a mobile environment


Thanks to Dynamics 365 for Field Service, it will be possible, in any device and at any time, to check on all customers’ information and the necessary directions.

  • Complete knowledge of customers and cases history
  • Use of a multi-day calendar with orders details, fundamental for mobile employees
  • Connection among orders, case history and customers, product configuration, information about parts and pieces

Communications with customers

End-to-end experiences focused on customers. Thanks to Dynamics 365 for Field Service, assistance companies can inform customers at any time.

  • Check on future appointments and open or completed projects
  • Share technicians position in real-time, and arrival time, pictures and vehicle information
  • Update on every process by calls and SMS


Streamlined planning

Fast redistribution of resources during escalation. Improvement of number of cases resolved, and easier way to send technician for assistance.

Suitable tools for mobile employees

Information on customers in real time, barcode scanner and RFID, elaboration of order from mobile devices.

Predictive services to increase profits

Thanks to computerization, you can solve problems even in remote working, sending technician only when really needed.