Employee Expenses & Timesheet

Find in real time your employees activities wherever you are.

  • Flexible time tracking
    Choose how each user can log in, based on your projects or business needs. Daily, weekly or monthly tracking.
  • Flexible time tracking is essential for a global mobile workforce.
  • Start a smart way for taking track of time
  • Improved performances
    Automatic reminders and stream of approval give your team the right motivation to stay focused and engaged. Increase trust and transparency.
  • Secure data in your activity sheet
    Your time is in good hands. Data is protected by 256-Bit Encryption, a security system used by online banks.
  • Excellent support
    You will receive support by email and by multi-language app
  • Multi-language
    Available in 4 languages
    Easy integrations

    • Connect ad complete activity sheets with your favourite accounting tools. API integrations without any interruption.
    • Easier and more efficient time tracking processes.
    • Flexible time monitoring app for mobile workforce.
    • Report based on employees’ time, budget, margin and profit.